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Monthly Meeting - "Intro to Reservoir Fluid PVT Analysis for Earth Scientists" presented by Toddy Guidry

The Petroleum Club of Shreveport, 15th floor
Cost: $20, Children 10 and under $8

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Toddy Guidry

Toddy Guidry


Toddy is currently Sr. Technical Advisor for Core Labs, based in Lafayette La., overseeing technical sales and corporate business development east of Texas. Toddy has a MS in Mathematics from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, and has been involved in the industry for over 35 years.

He can be reached in Lafayette at 337-837-8616,




“Intro to Reservoir Fluid PVT Analysis for Earth Scientists”

The need for good, representative reservoir fluid samples is critical to the effective design and operation of any development project. The decision to build and deploy production facilities exposes producers up to several billion dollars of investment risk, and a solid understanding of formation fluids right after discovery plays an essential part in mitigating that risk. Whether obtaining Gulf of Mexico Wireline Formation Test tool samples from 20,000 feet or surface separator samples from Terrebonne Parish La., fluid analysis provides the ammunition needed for more efficient use of assets. 

Many times the only exposure that geologists get to fluids is hearing the reservoir engineer “talk” about getting “PVT samples”.  This 45 minute presentation will cover the basics of reservoir fluid behavior, sampling and analysis.  The “big picture” may include many determining drive mechanisms, formation rock properties, geophysical properties as well as formation fluid properties.  Fluids analysis provides data critical to predicting well and reservoir performance, surface and subsea facilities design, and fluid quality assessment for determining market price.

Read the full abstract in the October 2018 Shreveport Geological Society Newsletter.