Lewis Billingsley.png

Lewis Billingsley
Justiss Oil Company

Zach Gray.png

Zach Gray
Ensight Energy LLC

Matthew Chumley
Board Member
Nadel and Gussman Ruston

Annie Green
Executive Assistant to the Board
Nadel and Gussman Ruston

Qiu Lu.png

Qiu Lu
First Vice President

Qiu Lu.JPG

Morris Nichols
Stroud Exploration Company, L.L.C.

Jamey Walker
Board Member
Huntington Resources

Scott Comegys.png

Scott Comegys
Immediate Past President
O’Brien Energy Company

Cody Lenert.png

Cody Lenert
Second Vice President
Marlin Exploration, LLC

Sarah Kaye Wilkes.png

Sarah Wilkes
Board Member
Jones Environmental

Zach Kelly.png

Zach Kelly
Board Member
Milestone Energy, L.L.C.

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