Faithful Friends

The SGS Faithful Friends is made up of individuals and businesses who help meet the needs of the SGS to defray the speaker expenses incurred for each of the monthly meetings.

Faithful Friend contributions help us continue to present excellent speakers who will provide new ideas and updated information to the members and guests of the SGS at our monthly meetings. We gratefully recognize our Faithful Friends in the SGS monthly newsletter and at the monthly meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a Faithful Friend, please contact Zach Kelly or use the donation button below.

Mary Barrett
Carl Gray
Scott Caswell
Milbird Resources, L.L.C.
Milestone Energy, L.L.C.
Oden & Associates, L.L.C.
Palmer Petroleum, Inc.
Sartor-Richardson, L.L.C.
Jon Saye
Alan Schlichtemier
Shaw-Laird, LLC
John D. Silvernail
Stratagraph, Inc.
Scott Stroud
Joe White, Jr.
William Downs
Qiu Lu
Windell B. Phillips

Atkins, Ltd., L.L.C.
BER-EX-CO., Inc.
David L. Billingsley, Jr.
Bivins Energy Corporation
Cowgill & Associates, L.L.C.
Cypress Operating, Inc.
Franks Exploration Company, L.L.C.
Geological Drafting Consultants
C.H.C. Gerard and Associates
Grigsby Petroleum, Inc.
Hill Geophysical Consulting
Lakewood Production, L.L.C.
Marlin Exploration, L.L.C.
T.W. McGuire & Associates, Inc.
Weiser-Brown Operating Co.
Spanoil Exploration, LLC
Sugar Creek Producing Company, L.L.C.
Clifford Leonard

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