Shreveport Geological Society members can earn continuing education credit by participating in short courses offered by the SGS on an annual basis, and by taking advantage of the opportunities for continuing education provided below. Fifteen (15) hours of continuing education are required for the annual renewal of a P.G. license, with one of those hours in the area of Professional Ethics. Visit the Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists website for more information. If you have suggestions for continuing education opportunities, please submit them here.

Ongoing Opportunities

  • The Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists offers a video ethics course that was designed by TBPG Board Member Christopher Mathewson, PG, PE, PhD. 
  • The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) has a film library including annual meeting sessions and seminars. Many titles can be rented or purchased.
  • The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Division of Professional Affairs has multiple online ethics courses available. 
  • The Houston Geological Society (HGS) has an HGS Geo Education YouTube Channel with a playlist of educational videos.

Upcoming Opportunities