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Monthly Meeting - "A Microseismic Case Study: Cotton Valley Taylor Sandstones, Overton Field, Texas" presented by Nick Pollard

The Petroleum Club of Shreveport, 15th floor
Cost: $20, Children 10 and under $8

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Mr. Nick Pollard
Vice President, Business Development

Nick Pollard

Nick Pollard

Tanos Exploration II, LLC is a privately held company that was capitalized in July 2013 in order to take advantage of more than 120 years of combined management experience exploiting conventional and unconventional reservoirs in the Ark-La-Tex area.

Nick Pollard has been a geologist in the oil and gas industry since 1985, working on horizontal projects starting in 1988. Company experience has ranged from small family-owned companies, mid-sized public upstream companies and culminating with private equity backed companies since 2007. 

Pollard’s broad experience and background in the Ark-La-Tex region is the result of working the area almost exclusively throughout his career. Over this time many relationships have been forged that make business development a natural fit. Acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, farm outs and drill-to-earn projects have all been utilized to amass the current Tanos assets. In 2007, Nick was a co-founder of Tanos Energy, LLC (Tanos I) with a $40 MM commitment from Natural Gas Partner (NGP). At the time, Tanos was the first portfolio company NGP had funded employing a horizontal business model - exploit tight gas reservoirs utilizing horizontal drilling technology combined with multi-stage fracture stimulation.

Tanos Energy II was formed in 2013 with a $200 MM and Tanos Energy III in 2016 with a $300 MM commitment from Quantum Energy Partners. Tanos Exploration II, LLC is the operating company for both. Nick graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1984 with a B.S. degree in geology and received his M.S. degree in geology from the University of Houston in 1990. He has served in all officer positions for the East Texas Geological Society (ETGS) and has chaired the annual ETGS golf tournament for 25 years. Currently Board President of the Petroleum Data Library in Tyler and board member of the Ark-La-Tex Oilmen’s Golf Association. 


Tanos Exploration II, LLC (Tanos) along with partner Breitburn Energy Partners (Breitburn) conducted a microseismic survey in 2015 at Overton Field, Smith and Cherokee counties, Texas.  The survey was acquired in two horizontal wells drilled in opposite directions (north and south) from the same surface pad. Both wellbores targeted the same stratigraphic interval within the Taylor sandstone of the Jurassic-aged Cotton Valley formation.  Stimulation spacing, perforation clusters, pump rates and proppant concentrations were fairly consistent between wells.  The McElroy-Swann #1H, the northern lateral, was drilled between twelve existing vertical wells that were completed with single stage fracture stimulations over the entire Taylor interval approximately 10 years earlier.  In contrast the southern lateral, the Wilkinson-McElroy-A- #1H, was drilled within a relatively undrained area of the field.  The survey was conducted to compare and contrast the fracture stimulation results for the two wells, one drilled within “partially-drained” versus one drilled within “undrained” areas of the field.